Duke Nukem Forever Delayed. Gearbox is Not Running Yet

WAIT! It was not our fault. Go beat the guys at Gearbox over here. We did not break anything, honest. Even Randy Pitchford did not he was the last person to know about this!


Aside from the flakily humorous announcement video of Duke Nukem Forever’s delay, it seems that Gearbox is pushing towards a stable release rather than a buggy and ridiculously unplayable May release which would do more harm than good for the studio that has taken one of the gaming world’s heavyweights for development. I am pretty sure they understand that it would be hard to please the average 30 year old teenager (considering the fact that once you do get this game, you automagically become a teenager or a pre-teen, no matter what)


The new release date given is June 10th for the international version and June 14th for the North American version. The earlier release dates were May 6th for the international version and May 3rd for the North American version.

Wait, what? Yes the international release is 4 days earlier than the North American release. This is… a first. We would like to see how the gaming community responds to this strange rescheduling.

Do tell us how you feel about this change of release dates in the comments below!

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