Dragon Age: Redemption Web miniseries Announced

Wow an actual live-action show based on the Dragon Age universe. The Banns and Arls of Ferelden will be pleased (as will the Grey Wardens) to know that Felicia Day will be playing the part of a sarcastic elf assassincalled Tallis in the miniseries Dragon Age: Redemption.


The miniseries will have six episodes (or webisodes) and will probably fill in the gap between Origins and Dragon Age 2. This will be the first time that the Kingdom of Ferelden and Thedas will properly be shown in all its gritty details. Such gritty details include sarcastic elf assassins ducking and swerving around woods and looking smolderingly at the camera. She is also creating this series right after her extremely successful web series on a group of fictional MMORPG players The Guild:-

“I’m a huge Dragon Age fan, and I have been looking for a follow up project to ‘The Guild’ for quite some time. I was thrilled when the opportunity to work with BioWare materialized. Dragon Age: Redemption allows me to tell a fantasy story in a new way, using a universe I really love. It has been a dream working together.”

(In Dragon Age: Redemption, Day stars as Tallis, an Elven assassin hired by the Qunari to capture a rogue mage intent on wreaking havoc throughout the world. In her quest to find this dangerous mage, Tallis is joined by other companions who are not always aligned in their beliefs and goals, but who band together to defeat their foe, in an attempt to restore peace and balance to this dark fantasy universe.)

Apprently Day has been training consistently for this series and is quite competent with daggers and will probably give a killer backstab if you cross her (see what I did there?). The series will start this summer and will feature axes, daggers, swords and a fair bit of magic (and several members of the Chantry to boot). The trailer has been embedded below.

On an unrelated note, the SF geek in me really wishes for a Mass Effect series or movie. Then again, the game itself is so movie-like that it’s an empty wish.

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