Dragon Age II’s 55 Minute Footage!

Bioware’s new epic, Dragon Age II has just gone gold. This means that the game has [hopefully] removed [almost] all its bugs, the final polishing is done and it is ready to be released. This is the same Dragon Age II that was hinted at quite some time ago, but it only seems like it was yesterday. PC Gamer’s DA2 preview certainly makes it seem like a lip-smacking delight of an RPG which takes the best things from Mass Effect and its predecessor Dragon Age: Origins to make good its promise of an epic and entirely long story.


The developers have released a stupendous fifty-five minute long live-chat session while playing the game. The game was played as the onlookers sat, without any rehearsal or script at hand. The game looks breathtakingly good, and the story (however little of it that can be gleaned from this and the reviews) is far more solid than its predecessor (which, let’s face it, was a very generic story with tiny bits and pieces of enjoyment). There is no arbitrary morality meter, so you can immerse yourself in this game without going through shades of black and white. The game will probably refine the Role Playing genre to such an extent that games after it would probably have to pale in comparison, or so we hope, again.

Watch live streaming video from electronicarts at livestream.com

You can watch the full video here.

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