DirectX 11 Support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

If you are an avid gamer you might already know the importance of DirectX. With every new version of Windows Microsoft tends to release a newer version of DirectX. For example Windows XP had DirectX 9, came out with DirectX 10 and now has DirectX 11.


Though there was no official support for DirectX 10 on Windows XP, you could still download and install DirectX 10 on XP, but that is going to change with Windows 7. Microsoft is planning to backport features from Windows 7 to Windows Vista.

One of the features they are planning to backport is to allow Windows Vista users to download and install DirectX 11. Windows Vista users with service pack 2 installed will be able to use the superior features in DirectX 11 for graphics and gaming.

Microsoft is planning to release this update as a Platform update which will be available through Windows Update.

There are no direct downloads available right now so you will have to wait till Microsoft officially makes them available, we will update the post with download links whenever we come across them.

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