Angry Birds Now Available For Netbooks and Laptops

Update: In addition to download Angry Birds for the PC you can also play the Angry game online now. Check oout how you can play Angry Birds Online.

Hey, Angry fans, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have an , or based phones. is now available for Netbook and Laptops too in the Intel AppUp center.

Angry Birds Netbook Edition

As we had predicted earlier, the popular (and addictive) game Angry birds is now available for Netbook and Laptops. The app is available as a download through the Intel AppUP center which is an app store for netbooks.

Angry Birds for desktop PCs includes 195 levels for hours and hours of gameplay. Customers who purchase the game will be provided free updates and additional levels to the game in future.

The app is available for Windows XP, , and Moblin and is available at an introductory price of $4.99 for a limited period. Once the introductory period is over, the app will cost $9.99.

More updates at the official Rovio blog. You can purchase and download the game from here.

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  • John Corfee

    I don’t know how many have others have bought this yet, but I’m keep running into errors when I try to run it.

    • Justin

      I have yet to get this to play on 5 computers…ALL rather new…

  • I installed the nasty Intel AppUp in a virtual machine suspecting it is an app that would sink tentacles into my computer, and Intel AppUp is one of the worst. You cannot install Angry Birds as a standalone application – Intel AppUp is the only way you can install it and it gunks up your registry, screen and then e-mail with ads for other apps.

    Hey Rovio – where is the clean standalone version?

    • Titus

      Thanks for the info about Intel AppUp. I couldn’t get Angry Birds from them become my OS is Vista. At first that was annoying but since reading your comments, I think is was a godsend. I hate infectious programs like what you described AppUp as being. I too am going to have to wait for a clean standalone version.

    • Bird

      I got it. you can install is stand alone. keep looking.

      • aman

        if u got it thn please do sendthe link for the same waitin for ur reply

  • I’m on the AppUp developer program, so thought I’d jump in to help answer some of the questions and issues.

    First let explain what AppUp is. The Intel AppUp Center is a application storefront for Intel-based netbooks and laptops running Windows 7, Windows XP, and Moblin. Think of it like iTunes or Steam that you run on your PC. It’s a store not a virtual machine. A complete list of current operating systems supported is here in the FAQs: So check this to see if your OS is supported.

    Note that the store recognizes the country and operating system customers are running, and only displays apps that are available in the country, and tested on the platforms. Additional devices will be supported soon (smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, etc.). Stay tuned.

    Regarding email notifications on new store features and apps; you should only be getting these if you opted in for that communication, however you can turn these off from the AppUp store by clicking on the unsubscribe information at the bottom of the email. Or manage your subscriptions here.

    For 5 devices: If you ran the installer on your account more than 5 times on fewer than 5 devices you may run into an issue getting on 5 devices. You can have customer support clear the devices on your account, then if update or change your personal information on each device you would like working, those will refresh as valid devices to your account Contact customers support at or send an email to appup(dot)support(at)intel(dot)com.

  • Dan

    So I just registered, downloaded and installed Intel Appup to purchase Angry Birds but cannot find it in the search. Is that because I’m from South Africa? What a hoax. Thanks for wasting my time. Guess I will just have to get it from a torrent site.

  • Lester Pace

    Terrible! This put alot of junk on my PC! Having a horrible time getting it off. Ruined my registry and I’m getting a torrent of spam email from this.

  • Clarkson

    Use PB you bunch of whiny women. Funny you can’t get a $5 game working on 4 PCs. How many PCs until you realize it’s not the PC?

    Keep going.

    • None

      They said five PCs so obviously they would try it on one more…that is the answer to your question.

  • To: Bob Duffy

    You are using a popular game as a means to put your ridiculous software onto thousands and millions of PC. An Intel app store, are you kidding me?

    You should be embarrassed by this horribly coded software; you certainly wouldn’t find me putting up my hand and taking credit for this mess.

    I used PB, which doesn’t have your silly Intel app store at all, just the game, as it should be. What do you think of that?

    • jamaica

      change dem operating system man to windows7 coz dem XP doesnt support most of de new tings ma bradaman

  • Varun

    Hey! I have windows xp sp2, 2 gb ram, 2.5ghz proc, i installed the game and it doesnt work…… says that “this appl has failed to start ’cause the appl config is incorrect”, what do i do??????????

  • is the game available for linux ubuntu also???

  • khairoul

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz sent me link web 2 download this angry bird

  • sam

    couldyou help togeting angery birds on my laptop

  • Real good game

  • Bit pricey, but for such a fun little game, so worth it.

  • prem

    couldyou help togeting angery birds on my pc windows xp

  • zubax

    when ever i going to open angry birds game i am getting this erroe ur texture is to large can u plz tell what should i do play the game moures

  • aman goyal

    very…………………Angry Birds

  • Free blog submission

    It Does not work my windows XP Sp3,
    It ask for re install application.
    Any Solution?

  • Angry Birds

    Where can you buy Angry Birds for PC and is there a version for MAC? I really want to play this game on my PC.

  • Sopheak

    Dell inspiron mini

  • Love angry birds on the IPad, may give it a go on pc, may be easier.

  • its is a nice game.

  • james

    how to download this game???angry bird for notebook….is it for free????

  • allie

    i want this game..

  • eb

    I bought Angry Birds for my net-book. Then it totally crashed and we had to re-start from scratch…How can I re-acquire AB without having to pay-again???

    EB (Utah) TIA for a prompt reply!!!

  • i love angry birds