CS:GO Survey Open! Participate to [Maybe] Avail a Beta Key

The official Counter Strike blog has put up a new Steam-only survey for the upcoming team-based shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Completing this Steam-only survey may allow a player to receive a beta key to CS:GO. Developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation,Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the multiplayer first person tactical shooter to look out for this year.


The beta program for CS:GO started last week with some 7,000 beta keys being given away to players of Counter Strike: Source and Counter Strike 1.6 directly on Steam, Valve’s digital distribution platform. About 2,000 more keys had gone out to other community websites from the developer. Now, with the online beta is kicking off with a Steam based survey with a random selection of players to get the most diverse amount of feedback on the game:-

Over the coming months we will make selections from the survey participants. Sometimes we might add experienced players, other times new players. Sometimes 1.6 players, sometimes CSS players, sometimes people who have played neither.

To take the survey, make sure you are logged in to the Steam client on your computer. Initially, the survey identifies the components of your computer and your internet connection speed, then you are taken to a web-based survey with a lot of rather odd questions on weapon preference, game preference (CSS or CS1.6) and other questions. Take the survey here.

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