Game4u to Hold Crysis 3 Midnight Launch in Mumbai And Gurgaon

About 5 years ago, Cevat Yerli’s team at Crytek introduced Crysis to us and blew our minds and our gaming rigs away with the sheer brilliance that was Crysis’ graphics. Come February 22nd and Crytek is all set to launch Crysis 3 and restart the “But can it run Crysis?” meme, all over again.

Crysis 3 Midnight Launch

Game4u will be conducting a midnight launch party at Mega Mall, Andheri (W) in Mumbai and at MGF Metropolis in Gurgaon. Customers who have pre-ordered are set to get the following goodies:

  • For PC: Hunter Edition + Stalker pack & Brawler Pack DLC + T-shirt + (Crysis 1 digital download for Team Elite Members) + 50% off on Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Mass Effect 3 available in the ‘downloads4u’ catalogue
  • For PS3: Hunter Edition + Stalker & Brawler Pack DLC + T- shirt + (Crysis 1 digital download – for Team Elite Members)
  • For Xbox360: Hunter Edition + T-shirt (plus a yet-to-be-confirmed DLC)

The first customer to pick up a copy of the game will also get a “1st to own” certificate from Game4u.

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