Craft of Gods Open Beta Event From April 2nd

If you like Slavic mythology, Russian dev studio Cyberdemons’ new Massively Multiplayer game Craft of Gods should catch your fancy. Set in a huge gameworld (which is a redundant statement, considering that this is an MMOG!) Craft of Gods will cater to the crowds that enjoy Realm versus Realm (RvR) or Player versus Player (PvP) gaming with huge battles and smaller duels constantly peppering the servers of this game. The game will also contain different elements of Player versus Environment (PvE) gameplay, possibly just to increase the level and little else. The developers have released details regarding an Open Beta event that will run for four days. This could be one of the last times you can play this game in Beta before its public release!

Craft of Gods

With 6 different races in 3 different factions (Light, Neutral and Darkness) and complete customization with 210 different skills spread over 14 schools (phew!) this is destined to be one of the larger MMOGs with a large presence in Europe. In this game you can also become a Demigod gaining special powers and skills within your realm.

If you wish to try this game’s beta, you will need to register here on the Kalicanthus website ¬†and you will receive a beta key. The key will be valid as soon as the servers are online. The servers will come alive on April 2nd at 2:30 PM CET and will go offline on April 6th at 2:30 PM CET. Do let us know how the game is when you do play it!

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