Chantelise Release Date and Demo Out!

Remember Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale? Yes, the cheeky Japanese RPG (Role Playing Game) parody/example indie game that has   you playing as the proprietor of a JRPG item shop. Straight out of the same westernization workshop, Carpe Fulgur, comes yet another localization and updated Japanese title Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters. They have a demo out and it’s quite a charm if I say so myself.


Do not be deceived by the similarity and portmanteau naming scheme of the two games. While it is true that Chantelise, just like Recettear, will also sport two main characters Chante and Elise, the games are quite different. Chantelise will be a 3D action RPG, while Recettear was an isometric hack n’ slash game in some parts, and a lesson in item shop commerce in others.


Of course, I do not use localizationlightly. The folks over at Carpe Fulgur have diligently worked to recreate the comic punch lines (or created entirely new ones from scratch, such as Capitalism, ho!which has achieved memetic fame) and story weaving that sounds right in the English script.

I cannot wait to play this beautiful action RPG that was originally released in Japan way back in 2006. That is, it was released five years ago. Wrap your heads around that concept: 2006 was five years ago.


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