Bug Ridden Players of Test Drive Unlimited 2 Get Free DLC as Apology

Yes, I know that was one horrible launch. What Eden Games promised was the seamless integration of single player and multiplayer experiences.   What players got was a glitchy permanent loading screen, corrupted save files and horror of horrors the saves not loading at all (without them being corrupted). So for all those who paid the $50 for the game, it was a heartbreaking (and wallet-shrinking) experience.


So what does Eden Games do? Supply free Downloadable Content (DLC), of course! After taking down a solid chunk of game breaking network components, and slave driving the entire studio force to get the game patched up, the game was somehow salvaged into a working…piece of software. Instead of just an apology, the yet-to-be-released DLC pack will be a free download for everyone who bought the game.

I wonder how long this entire charade of making a buggy-as-hell release of a huge game, patching it up with profuse apologies and then offering free DLC will continue with game studios. It happened with Assassins Creed: Brotherhood (where players got the two Animus Project packs for free), and Fable III players got a free pack of weapons (for the game!) from the game developers. A late, but relatively bug-free experience is infinitely better than a rushed release that has game-breaking bugs. If only someone told those publishers that…

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