Blast Off Soundtrack Released for Free

Halfbrick, the makers of the addictive PSP mini Blast Offhave decided to release the entire soundtrack for free, celebrating the new year!

The wickedly tough game comes with a surprisingly good score that has been released as an MP3 torrent download or an Apple Lossless torrent that can be played via iTunes. (Note: Clicking the previous two links will automatically start the download) This Destructoid review will tell you just how much fun this $2.99 game really is based on a simple premise of fighting gravity to rescue astronauts floating in space. This is by far the cheapest mini worth your money and time, while the soundtrack is completely worth your bandwidth and time.

Blast Off

In fact, Halfbrick themselves released a video detailing how to get that mini into your PS3 for big-screen madness. The video can be found here, from the same article from The SixthAxis.

Seriously though, I am just adding words to increase the length of this post. I do not have much else to say apart from this: Buy the game. Download the soundtrack. Have fun. Oh, and do purchase Beats as well, and have fun with the soundtrack of Blast Off in Beats too. Have a good day, goodbye!

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