Bioshock 2’s DLC Has Had a Premature Birth

I see all of you have been awaiting Bioshock 2‘s DLC for the PC. It seems so unfair that us PC gamers have to wait for quite a long time to get this downloadable content while our lesser brethren (cue console/PC flame war here) get to play it on their lesser systems (cue console/PC flame war II here) for quite some time now. Protector Trials DLC for Bioshock 2 is now available on the Games for Windows Marketplace! It sells for $5.75, and allows you to play six new single player maps that are apparent fan favorites and absolutely thoroughly definitively does not work on your copy of Bioshock 2.


Did I hear you outrage? That was quite a muffled outrage, yes? Well, it seems that the main game needs to be patched before Protector Trials can be played on it. The adrenaline-rush-inducing mode of the Proto-Daddy (that’s you) defending a Little Sister as she… er… sucks ADAM from corpses worked well with the fan base. However, the original game needs to be patched before the expansion pack can be installed. This came as quite a shock (get it?) for the gamers who were expectantly awaiting this DLC.

A representative of 2K on the 2K forums said that the patch was not ready yet, and that users should wait a while before buying or installing the DLC. The next update from the representative is due on Tuesday it seems:-

It’s the weekend now, so I won’t have an update for you until Tuesday at the earliest, but I assure you I’ll be coming here with a full report and let you guys know the state-of-the-state when I get the official rundown on what’s going on.

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