Battlestar Galactica Online to have an Open Beta Event in February

Oh yes, yet another epic is going to have its own Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). After the Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), The Old Republic (Star Wars MMO), Star Trek Online, DC Online (this list gets longer and longer) and Dungeons and Dragons Online (Need I say anything here?) it is time for the long running TV series Battlestar Galactica’s turn. Bigpoint’s big MMO will go into open beta this February 8th. Which really translates into you rushing to play as either human or Cylon and blasting someone else into smithereens in space!


Does that sound familiar?

To be fair, the space MMO scene has generally been completely and utterly taken over by EVE Online. So, while this is not aimed at the generic space fiction enthusiasts, fans of the brilliant SF TV series will be the main (or probably only) players of this game.

Massively’s Beau Hindman comments on the scale of the game:-

The variety of ships is nice, allowing players to pilot anything from a basic craft to a massive CM monster. Battles felt very balanced despite the fact that some players were in larger craft. Bigpoint seems to have taken a page from EVE Online’s book by making larger craft slower and easier to hit but chock-full of deadly weapons and other electronic goodies. Missiles can literally be shot out of the sky, so even their existence added some element to gameplay.

Fun? Probably yes. Not for me? Most definitely.

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