Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Announced!

After many many fantastic memories given to us, the legend of Baldur’s Gate was shrouded in mystery and forgotten (not really, but go with the flow for now okay?) and lost to the Depths of Time… until now! If you remember a teaser website called that was set up sometime ago, you will also remember the cryptic messages left in its source code. Now we know exactly what it was all about (more or less)!


Overhaul Games, a bunch of ex Bioware guys, have been covertly working on an enhanced remake of the Baldur’s Gate series right after their HD remake of MDK2. Very imaginatively titled Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition, both the games will include the content from the expansion packs as well. The games will still be using the Infinity Engine that has hosted a number of excellent titles from Black Isle/Bioware and the developers have promised to fix bugs, issues and incomplete quests that have till now been addressed by fan made mods. On that count, the enhanced editions will include modding support for greater post-release enjoyment. There will also be new voice actors (yay!) and the game will still be in 2D isometric (doubleyay!)

Pretty awesome indeed, but I fear the anticipation was way more exciting than the actual announcement. It is slightly underwhelming to find the same games, re-mastered when you can find the originals on and mod them yourself. However I am groping in the dark here and the Enhanced Editions might live up to their monikers. Only time will tell. For now, Godspeed Overhaul!

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