AI War Releases Light of the Spire Expansion. Also Becomes Officially Enormous with v5.0

AI War is a huge game already. Arcen Games has ceaselessly released update over update and expansion over expansion over the years the game has been active. This indirectly controlled space-strategy game is pretty big. Running on the beautiful Unity engine, the game is quite brilliant and requires a serious amount of forethought and strategizing to play.


The game has now been updated to version 5.0 and a new expansion pack has also been released, titled Light of the Spire, increasing the number of ships by 180, new music and factions and a new game mode called Defendermode that you can pick up and play. A lot of the mechanics of the game have been rebalanced for better and challenging gameplay. It is also as cold and unwelcoming as ever to newcomers, like Dwarf Fortress. It’s so hard it’s good. Try losing a couple of times (or a few hundred times) before it clicks with you. The game is pretty huge and, if bought from the Arcen Games store, has no DRM.

Do keep on the lookout for a Steam or Impulse sale for the entire AI War series at a discount. The larger this game gets, the more tempting it is for me to get into it. However, the larger this game gets, the more intimidating and cold this game seems; it’s like Minecraft that way (but thankfully I got into it earlier than most. Ha!)

Check out the release trailer for Light of the Spire here.

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