Acclaim is Killed Off by Disney and Playdom.

It’s a sad week for me. People don’t care about ATi’s death, while I do (my old card will forever remain ATi Radeon and not just a Radeon). Now, people do not care about Acclaim Entertainment’s dishonorable death at the hands of Disney, while I do. Over my young years, I have played many games developed by Acclaim such as Turok, Burnout, Dragonheart: Fire and Steel (okay, I played it just because I loved the movie) and the inimitable Re-volt.


Sure, it pretty much stopped producing games after 2004, but it was bought off by Playdom and reinvented as Acclaim Games, using the brand’s name and logo to fuel their private online gaming enterprise. While they did not accomplish what the parent company did at one point in its life, they managed to keep it afloat for six years. Now, however, with Playdom being bought by Disney, Acclaim has finally shut down for good.

On their official website, nothing but a stark wall of text greets users saying that the service has been shut down from the 26th of August, 2010 and some other announcements – mostly about Acclaim Coins being refunded and some marketing gimmicks for Playdom’s games.

So long, Acclaim, it was good knowing and playing your games.

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