Zune HD – Its Official And Its Coming Next Month!

Yes! Its official now. Zune HD will be launched next month and it will battle for the market share with iPod Touch 3rd Generation which will also be released around that time. The Zune HD features a OLED 3.3inch touchscreen and the processing power is provided by the Nvidia Tegra Processor. The Personal Media Player also features an inbuilt HDMI port so11825_ZuneHDBLK12 that you can directly connect it to your TV and also has the ‘standard’ features  including Wi-Fi, a Web Browser and an HD Radio Tuner.

Zune HD will be launched in 16GB and 32GB models and will cost 219.99$ and 289.99$ respectively. The Zune HD definitely looks stellar and it will be interesting to see how it stacks up against the 3rd Generation iPod Touch. The biggest advantage which the iPod Touch enjoys over the Zune HD is the App Store which has more than 55,000 applications and games available for the iPod Touch.

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