Zune HD 64 GB Available For Pre-order, For $349.99

Microsoft has just released its Zune HD 64 GB pre-pre-order. In case you were left wondering what that means, Microsoft had originally scheduled the pre-order availability for April 12th. Though, it seems to have been launched ahead of schedule.

The Zune HD 64 GB is available from the Zune website and it is $50 cheaper than the iPod touch. This makes it a good contender for the music player market.

This new version of Zune HD does not include the latest firmware version 4.5. The users will be prompted to upgrade once they connect to the internet. The new firmware version has features like SmartDJ.

The Zune HD is available in colors of green,  platinum, black, blue, magenta, purple and red. You can customize your Zune with artwork at just $15.

This is just another product launch disaster from Microsoft but let’s just say, it is serving the greater good. To order your piece of the Zune, head over to the official website.

(Via: ArsTechnica)

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