Xbox 360 With Kinect Gets Hulu Plus, Netflix and Avatar Kinect

Steve Ballmer boring keynote at the ongoing CES 2011 just got over and he has announced some new features for the Xbox 360 Kinect users. First and foremost, Steve announced the Avatar Kinect feature for Xbox 360 Kinect console owners. Right now, details about Avatar Kinect are sparse but from the keynote, it looked like the feature will allow Kinect owners to hang out with their friend virtually.

Pretty cool, eh? The feature will be available for all Kinect owners by spring 2011.


Along with Avatar Kinect, Microsoft also announced the Netflix and Hulu Plus app with for the Xbox 360 with support for Kinect. Both, Netflix and Hulu Plus will allow users to control the app as well as video playback using voice commands and gestures.

Microsoft did not mention anything else so we have to wait until more information about Netflix and Hulu Plus for Kinect surfaces.

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