Wi-Fi Ready For 45 Mile Range With Lower Power Consumption

Guys at On-Ramp Wireless have managed to invent a new way to transmit Wi-Fi signals that can now reach a 45 mile range with even lower power consumption.


Wi-Fi signal starts getting distorted  with increase in distance. After 1/20th of a mile the signal gets so distorted due to the noise that it becomes unusable.     On-Ramp Wireless has invented a transmitter (pictured above) that transmits Wi-Fi signals at the same frequency but in such a way that it is more resistant to noise so it can propagate through the noisy environment over a 45 mile distance.

Besides that, it also manages to consume lesser energy. It does this by facilitating fewer smart grid access points due to the fact that traditional access points don’t transmit nearly as far and so more access points are needed so that more access points are closer to buildings with smart meters. If this manages to make into main stream, we will be able to connect wirelessly   with Wi-Fi enabled devices for 45 mile distance without having to use the Internet.


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Apurva Chaudhary

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