Weighing Scale Tweets Your Weight to Twitter Friends [Stupid Gadgets]

I have seen stupid gadgets, I have seen ones which are useless, I have seen ones which should have been made at all, however, I am not sure which category this one falls into.


A French company has developed a weighing scale.. which can tweet your weight to your followers. Now I am not sure whether that it is an innovation or a waste of time.

This weighing scale can also send your weight to a blog or to your iPhone, now that is a real waste of time in the name of innovation. For those who want to know, this weighing scale can connect to a Wi-Fi network and access your Twitter, blog or iPhone. It is developed by Withings, a French technology company, which creates the Internet body scale. Well, this product is for real too and you can buy it for $159.

Could you please weigh in with your thoughts on this please?

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