WD Launches 2.5 inch 750GB Scorpio Blue Hard Disk

Western Digital today unveiled their 750Gb hard disks for the 2.5inch form factor. The Western Digital Scorpio Blue 750GB hard drive consists of 2 platters, and is 9.5mm thick. Due to its slim design, the hard disk can be used in most of the notebooks out there in the market. The hard drive has 8MB of cache and also features WD’s WhisperDrive and ShockGuard technology.

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“WD continues to lead the market with capacity points that enable consumers and business professionals to store large quantities of data and rich media content. Our leading power efficiency, achieved without compromise to performance, is another example of the added features and value that our customers have come to expect from WD.” – said Jim Morris, WD’s senior vice president and general manager of Storage Products.

The hard disk uses the Advanced Format Technology which maximizes the storage space of the disk. The new format provides 7-12% more storage space compared to other formats. The new format might be beneficial for people using the latest operating system but Windows XP users will see a performance hit. The performance dip while reading content from the hard disk is very low. However, the write speeds of the hard disk under Windows XP is expected to be around 10% lower than usual. It looks like its high time people who still use Windows XP, shift to Windows 7.

The MSRP of WD Scorpio Blue is 149 USD$. The hard drives have a 3 year limited warranty.

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