VIA Unveils Nano-E 64 Bit Processors

Apart from Intel and AMD, VIA technologies are also one of the x86-64 processor manufacturers in the market. VIA CPUs might not be as popular as their Intel and AMD counterparts, but the company still has some market share. Today, VIA unveiled their Nano E-series of processors. The Nano-E series of CPUs have native 64 bit softwareVIA support and virtualization support.

At the time of their launch, the Nano-E CPUs will be available in speeds ranging from 800MHz to 1.8Ghz. The CPUs will also feature VIA’s integrated media system processors and various other codec’s including HD video playback and 3D graphics acceleration. VIA have guaranteed that these processors will have a longevity of seven years. The Nano-E series processors from VIA have many other top-end features so as to support the upcoming Windows Embedded Standard 7.

The Windows Embedded Standard 7 states that every CPU should double the amount of data it can process per clock cycle. But according to VIA, virtual software deployment could revolutionize the embedded market. VIA said that it expects to become the norm, not the exception for upcoming embedded system developers.


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