Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Tab To Cost $1000?

Samsung announced the highly anticipated Galaxy Tab few days ago. However, what the company did not announce was the pricing of the device. Rumors are floating around on the Internet about the pricing of the device. Galaxy Tab The specification of the Galaxy Tab looks very promising and its success now solely depends on its price. It is very important for Samsung to price the device right. Now time for the bad news.

Slashgear managed to get their hands on a screenshot of the pricing detail of the unlocked Galaxy Tab from Amazon and things looks pretty bad. From the leaked screenshot, it looks like the unlocked Galaxy Tab will be priced at Euros 799 or $1000. Now that is definitely way too much for a tablet I or for that matter anyone else would like to shell out. Rumors also suggest that the subsidized version of the Galaxy Tab will cost anywhere between $200-$400 which definitely hits the sweet spot for me.

Hopefully, Samsung will work closely with network operators to subsidize the price of the Galaxy Tab. Otherwise, I doubt the Galaxy Tab will be an iPad killer as many people had hoped for.

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Rajesh Pandey

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