TSMC To Be Blamed For The Shortfall Of ATi HD4770

We already know that ATi HD4770 is a stellar performer and comes at a steal price as well. It is also a known fact that there is a huge demand for the ATi HD4770 and ATi has been unable to meet the high demand. ATi had made sure it had the bare enough stock so as to hard launch the the HD4770 but what it did not forsee was the high future demand. The real manufacturer of the core of ATi HD4770 is TSMC and they are the ones who are unable to meet the huge demand for the card. Since ATi HD4770 is the 1st ever graphics card to be built on 40nm fabrication process and the yield currently is quite low. It is rumoured that only 30% of the total produced ATi HD4770 cores are fit for sale. This in turn may lead to ATi/TSMC facing heavy losses.


ATi though has taken a few steps so as to cut down the high demand for the HD4770 by decreasing the price of HD4850, HD4870 and HD4890 and even launching a HD4830 which can be flashed to a HD4850. ATi also said that its working closely with TSMC so as to increase the supply of HD4770 but insiders say that the supply of HD4770 will only be increased by the end of July.ATi though by reducing the prices of their HD48xx series have just proved how much they value their customers. ATi recently also released the Catalyst 9.6 drivers which improves performance under many games.

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