TSMC Says 40nm Yields Have Improved

The Chairman of TSMC, Morris Chang today in a news conference said that the yield from 40nm manufacturing process has now increased considerable to 60% which will thus help the company in delivering goods in high quantity to its clients. A 60% yield means that out of every 100 chips produced by TSMC, only 60 of them are free from any manufacturing defects. Earlier TSMC had said that they were unable to provide AMD with the required amount of chips and it was due to this, that there was a shortage of HD4770 which was based on the 40nm fabrication process. Earlier TSMC was only able to get a yield of about 30-40% from the 40nm manufacturing process. With the passage of time the yield from the 40nm manufacturing process will keep on increasing so this is definitely a good news for the consumers.

With nVidia and ATi, both going to launch their 40nm based graphics card sooner than later, this news could not have come at a better time.

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