Toshiba Unveils 2.5inch 7200RPM 500GB HDD

Toshiba today launched a new high-performance 2.5inch HDD which offers 500GB of storage on two platters and spins at 7200RPM. The form factor of 2.5inch makes this hard disk a performance oriented product for Netbooks and Notebooks. The new Hard Disks from Toshiba will be from the “PDF” line-up and Toshiba says that there is a 13% improvement in performance compared to the older 7200RPM based Hard Disks. The newer Hard Disk are also more greener as the use of certain toxic and chemical substances has been totally removed/reduced. The Hard Disks feature SATA II interface and features 16MB of Buffer memory.  toshiba

Maciek Brzeskivice president of marketing at Toshiba Storage Device Division said “This new family delivers faster overall system performance, which boosts user productivity a key differentiator that PC manufacturers can provide to commercial and consumer notebook users. As a result, we expect that 7,200 RPM HDDs will grow to more than 25 percent of 2.5-inch HDD shipments within two years.   In addition to the half-terabyte capacity, decreased environmental impact and low power consumption are also benefits, demonstrating Toshiba’s continued leadership in delivering the right solutions to meet emerging market needs.

The HDD will be available in mass volume by the end of Q3 or by the starting of Q4 of this year.

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