Thermaltake Silent 1156

Intel Core i7 processors still have not become popular among the masses due to its high price but still Intel Core i7 processors provide a killer performance and have a great overclocking potential. But Intel Core i7 processors run extremely hot and their maximum temps. under load with the stock cooler can easily reach in excess of 80c. This is the reason why many manufacturers are coming out with cpu coolers for Core i7 processors. Today Thermaltake launched a new cooler for Socket 1156 based processors. This cooler comes with different type of fasteners compared to the ones you get with Socket 775 based processors so as to make the cooler compatible with Intel Core i7 and Core i5 (when launched) processors.
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The Thermaltake Silent 1156 comes with a 92mm fan which has a RPM range of 800-1700 RPM. The fan is capable of moving 36 cubic feet/min of air and has a dBa of 22. The cooler has a dimension of 110*72*140 mm and the cooler weighs in only 382 gm. which is quite less compared to its Socket 775 cpu coolers. The design of the cooler is similar to other cpu coolers out there like OCZ Vendetta 2 and Thermalright Ultra eXtreme. How efficient this cooler is something only time will tell.

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