The Google Tablet is Coming Soon, Will Steal The iPad Thunder

Google is on the edge of announcing its own Google Tablet PC. The tablet is expected anytime now, given that Eric Schmidt was recently describing it to some of his friends at a party in Los Angeles. NYTimes reports the device to be an e-reader that will also behave like a computer. It is quite obvious from these facts that it will be powered by the Android OS.

The choice of the OS also ends at Google Chrome which provides some basic cloud services. Though, Android is a better choice, given a huge developers community and the customizations that can be carried out on this scalable OS.

If and when this tablet arrives, it will be the perfect challenge to the Apple iPad. Currently, Google is the only company which would dare to stand up against the iPad and bring out its own tablet. Google’s services and their integration with the Google tablet will make it a hot favorite amongst avid internet users.

The Google Tablet will be heavily web based and will offer cloud storage. However, if this device is a response to the iPad pressure, it will not fare well. Google should stick to its charisma and simply do its original thing.

(Via: NYTimes)

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