T-Mobile Releases Q2 Results, Lost 93,000 Customers in Last Quarter

T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile just released its quarterly results and things are not looking very good for them based on the Q2 data. They have reported revenues of $4.70 billion, up from $4.63 billion in Q1. The operating income is also $1.42 billion, up from $1.39 billion in Q1.

However, they have also lost around 93,000 subscribers in Q2, which is much higher than the 77,000 they lost in Q1. Customers are shifting to AT&T and Verizon’s network as they offer much better phone options. With the launch of the Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) on T Mobile’s network, the subscriber attrition rate is expected to reduce in the next quarter.

T-Mobile USA now serves about 33.6 million customers; but the number just keeps reducing every quarter. One way they can retain many of their customers and even add some more is by snagging a deal with Apple for the iPhone 4 on their network.

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