Super Talent Releases The VSSD Line-Up Of SSDs

Super Talent is quite popular for its memory modules and SSDs. Today, the company launched a value for money solid state drive product line-up known as the Super Talent VSSD. The VSSD line-up of SSDs from Super Talent have a SATA II port, and feature sequential read speeds of up to 150MB/sec. The sequential write speeds are at an impressive 100MB/sec.


The drives are enclosed in a polymer shell that protect the drives against sudden shock and physical damages. The capacity of the VSSD’s ranges from a mere 8Gb to 64Gb. The VSSDs are of the 2.5inch form factor. According to Super Talent, the VSSD line-up of SSD’s offer shorter OS bootup time, faster application loading, less system power consumption and a brand new experience the customer can never get from traditional hard-disks.

The price of the 8Gb VSSD drive is 65$, while the 64GB model costs 175$. The VSSDs are currently available all over the world at Super Talent resellers shop.

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