Strontium Launches 3 New Pen Drive Series In India– Key, Spin And Hulk

Strontium a popular memory chip manufacturer in India has launched three new series of USB flash drives. The three series are known as Key, Spin and Hulk. The Key series is the smallest in size, and is available in capacities of 2GB and 4GB. The Key series is available in Black and White colours only. The Spin series is available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB storage capacities. The Hulk series features storage capacity of up to a whooping 128GB. The Hulk series features data encryption to protect users’ data. The Hulk series is only available in Silver colour.


The Key series measures 14.5mm (W) x 23.85mm (H) x 6.8mm (D), while the Spin series measures 12mm (W) x 5.5mm (D) x 29.8mm (H). The Hulk series, thanks to its 128GB storage capacity, measures 27mm (W) x 71.4mm (H) x 9.3mm (D). The Key series costs Rs 500 for the 4GB model, while the 2GB model costs RS 349. The 4GB, 8GB and 16GB Spin series pen drives are available for Rs 549, Rs 999 and Rs 1999 respectively. The 128GB monster Hulk series costs Rs 19,999. All the three series of pen drives come with a five-year warranty.


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