Sony’s New PS3 Slim Model To Have A 40NM GPU

The Playstation 3 from Sony is arguably the best console – hardware wise – in the market currently. The PS3 has a Nvidia RSX GPU with 256MB of GDDR3 memory and, a Cell Microprocessor designed by IBM.PS3 RSX GPU With the launch of the PS3 Slim Model, the Cell CPU of PS3 moved to a 45nm manufacturing process. This led to a decrease in power consumption, lower temperatures, and reduction in the cost of production.

Now Playstation University reports that the new PS3 Slim RSX GPU will be based on the 40nm fabrication process.  At the time of its launch, the PS3 RSX GPU used the 65nm fabrication process. The shift to a lower fabrication process has many advantages including the reduction of the Yellow Light Of Death on the PS3s. Thanks to the shift in lower fabrication process, the cooling unit of the new PS3 Slim has also been redesigned. It is now less complex compared to its predecessor.

It is reported that the drop in power consumption is around 15%. The power supply has also seen a weight reduction, and now weighs in at 412g. The original PS3 power adapter used to weigh 815g. Quite a few chips have also been removed from around the Nvidia RSX GPU, leading to a lower cost of production.

The main benefit of the shift to 40nm fabrication process is the lower cost of production. The new PS3 Slim, even though cheaper by 100$, will allow Sony to earn profit on every console sold. Until now, Sony has been incurring losses on every PS3 they have sold.

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  • It is surprising that it took this long for Sony to redesign the PS3 so that they are actually making money on them. I am also surprised that the PS3 was originally so big and bulky. To me it seems that they rushed out a inferior product and are now just trying to fix things.

    • yeah, kinda like the x360..oh wait..nvm.

    • Pheonix

      You obviously do not know what you are talking about. Do you realize the amount of new pioneering tech that was in the original PS3? This fix you talk about now is actually the ps3 being gimped to meet mass market prices.

      Besides, what will you say about the 360 if you think the PS3 was rushed? You talk bulky? Considering all that the PS3 does, its actually a small miracle that its currently smaller than the 360 now….

  • alexz310

    good article, and sony is just making the ps3 even better. and responding to the guy that said that its an inferior product, are you talking about the ps3 or some other console because all i know is that the ps3 is the most reliable console in the market and cheapest with some of the best games around. But other than that i do agree that sony took this long to make a profit on the ps3 they could of done it way faster. I still have my fat bulky 60gb ps3 and it works perfectly fine other than been fat its great. I hope they keep making improvement..

  • raiz

    Yes not its been confirmed that new Sony PS3 Slim CECH-2100A will have 40nm GPU , i hope there will be some good news will also come by Xbox.

  • hiii now after ps2 sony have launched ps3. thanxxx for this information.