Sony Still Loses Money On Every PS3 Slim Sold

A few days ago Sony had launched the PlayStation 3 Slim and had reduced the price of the “fat” PlayStation 3 to 299$ or just ‘299’ everywhere across the world. Sony also announced that it will be phasing out the ‘fat’ PS3 soon and that the ongoing ‘299’ offer is available till stocks last. The new ‘Slim’ PlayStation 3 not only sports a cheaper price tag compared to its predecessor but it lacks PS2 compatibility. Today Times Online had a brief interview with Sony Computer Entertainment’s Kazuo Hirai. In the interview Mr. Hirai told Times that Sony still loses money on the newer itinerant of Playstation 3.


Mr Hirai also told that even though Sony loses money on every Playstation 3 sold, the platform as a whole is still profitable. Mr. Hirai also said that even though Playstation 3 sales have been slow compared to PS2 sales, but everyone should keep in mind that PS3 has a life-span of 10 years so in the long time sales will eventually pick up.

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