Sony Ericsson’s New MH907 Headphones Make Sound Exclusive To Your Ears

Imagine this scenario: You are listening to a song on your mobile phone, and just before your favorite line comes, somebody enters your room and starts blabbering. You pull out the earbuds. When you put them back, you’ve missed the line.

mh907_black Sony Ericsson wishes to cease this hassle with their new MH907 motion activated headphones. The button less headphones will only work when you put them in your ears. Two things can happen when you pull the buds out of your ears: If listening to music, it will automatically pause. If you are in a call, the call will be terminated.

This is actually quite an intuitive concept made into reality. To pick up a call, all you need to do is pick up the earbud and put it in your ear. If you need music, just wear a bud and it will start. The technology does not depend upon pressure or force on the surface of the earbud, so nothing bad will happen when the headset is placed in your bag or pocket. Engadget reports that this technology is capacitive in nature. In other words, removing an ear bud isn’t breaking the flow of current between buds (and across your noodle) — it’s destroying the dynamic capacitor formed by the touch of human skin. Right, this is technology we’ve seen before in capacitive touchscreens and trackpads

The MH907 headphones will be available in colors of yellow, white or titan chrome. It is about 164cm (64.57 inches) long, weighs about 25g (0.88 oz) and will be available this week for €39. The headphones will be compatible with all phones that have a Fast Port connector.


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  • Cool! I guess I have to search for a new model after knowing this!

  • This is some great new technology, it would be interesting to know if it will become mainstream in the near future.