SATA Speed Issue Fixed By Apple

Last week after WWDC 09, many people who brought in the new Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro’s were in for a shock when they saw that the Apple OS X showed the SATA data transfer speed limited to 1.5Gbps. Over the last week all the forums were buzzingapple-logo-black-xsan whether Apple intentionally limited the SATA interface speed limit to 1.5Gbps. While its true that there is currently no HDD available in the market which can saturate the SATA I interface bandwith, it is also true that many of the newer SSD’s are bottlenecked when used with the SATA I interface. Even though Apple did not offer any of its MacBook with SSD’s, many people used to install aftermarket SSD’s on their own. Users were impatiently waiting for a reply from Apple but Apple decided to keep mum on this matter.

Today though Apple released an update “MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.7. Before updating the user must make sure that he is running on OS X 10.5.7 and has a free space of at least 3.35MB on his HDD.

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