Samsung To Bring 22-inch Transparent LCD Panels

Samsung had showcased 14-inch and 19-inch Transparent displays at this years CES. Today, Samsung Electronics has begun the mass production of 22-inch transparent LCD panels Black & White and Color. The panel has a contrast ratio of 500:1 with WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050) resolution. Both B&W and color panels come with support for HDMI and USB interfaces.

Transparent display panels comes with an advantage over traditional LCD panels when it comes to electricity usage. Research tells that transparent displays utilizes as much as 90% less electricity than traditional displays. The traditional LCD panels have to depend on Back Light Unit with 5% transparency thus utilizing more electricity. While transparent LCD Panels depend on ambient lights (sun light, room light) with 20% transparency for B&W panel and 15% transparency for Color panel, thus reducing dependency on   power.

Check out the video:


Samsung plans to market these to outdoor displays, schools and corporations. Just a month ago we saw Samsung themselves applying transparent displays to applications like Real Translators. Real Translator would interpret whatever is spoken in real time and give a rough translation on the spot.



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