Samsung Set To Launch Notebook Based On Nvidia ION Platform

Samsung is soon going to launch a notebook dubbed N510, based on Nvidia’s ION Platform. The Notebook will be equipped with an Intel N280 (1.6Ghz) Processor along with an integrated chipset based on 9400M. The notebook is rumoured to come with 11.6inch screen having a resolution of 1366*768. The notebook is also going to come with the usual 1Gb DDR2/DDR3 RAM, 160GB HDD, 3 in 1 Card Reader, 6 Celled Battery, Wi-Fi and finally Bluetooth. Nvidia’s ION platform has seen limited success among the Manufacturers. Samsung r620 -2

This notebook from Samsung is similar to various other Notebooks present in the market except for the 11.6inch screen and a higher resolution. The better graphic performance thanks to the 9400M Chipset is totally useless because I don’t think people use their notebook for gaming. According to me, its high time notebooks started coming equipped with a better processor. The Intel Atom N280 Processor kills the performance of most of the notebook especialy when multitasking. The Intel Atom N280 processor has been ruling the processor market of the notebook segment because of literally no competition. AMD still does not have an answer to Intel Atom based processor and thus it seems that Intel is in no mood to refine the architecture of Atom based processor for higher performance.

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