Samsung May Launch a Galaxy Note 10.1 at MWC 2012

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note back in 2011, and while it may be a bit unwieldy due to its huge display, it is one of the best smartphones available today, in terms of specifications. Samsung has been marketing it differently from its smartphone and tablet offerings, hoping to find a sweet spot between the two.

Anyway, it seems that Samsung may also be working to launch the bigger version of the Galaxy Note – the Galaxy Note 10.1 – at MWC. While there has been no official announcement, an invitation by Samsung for a Developer Day at MWC lists the device alongside the Galaxy Note.

Samsung Developer Day

Samsung already has loads of tablets available for purchase, and it’s not clear what more the Galaxy Note 10.1 would offer over the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or its sucessor, except the S Pen stylus functionality.

It will likely have much better specifications than the Galaxy Note and a 10.1 inch display. Apparently, Samsung is also hiring student models for a commercial for the Galaxy Note 10.1, in which he will “record, take pictures, edit” and do some other stuff like that.

Could Samsung be targeting the education market with the Galaxy Note 10.1? It may pit the Galaxy Note 10.1 directly against the iPad 3, which will be unveiled in March.

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