Samsung 512GB High Speed SSD Production To Begin Next Month

Samsung announced in a press release today that they would be beginning the production of high speed 512GB SSD from next month. The new SSD will be based on the 30-nanometer fabrication process. The SSD will make use of the toggle-mode DDR structureto deliver extremely high read/write speeds. The SSD will make use of the SATA 3.0Gbps interface.

“The highly advanced features and characteristics of our new SSD were obtained as a direct result of an aggressive push for further development of our NAND flash technology,Samsung 512GB SSD our SSD controller and our supportive SSD firmware,” said Dong-Soo Jun, executive vice president, memory marketing, Samsung Electronics. “Early introduction of this state-of-the-art toggle DDR solution will enable Samsung to play a major role in securing faster market acceptance of the new wave of high-end SSD technology,” he added

According to Samsung, the read/write speed of this new SSD will be in the range of 250MB/sec and 220MB/sec respectively. Along with speed, Samsung also has developed a low-power controller for the toggle-mode DDR NANDto reduce the power consumption of the SSD.

The 512GB SSD from Samsung also features 256-bit AES encryption to provide a higher level of security to the user’s data. The production of these new SSDs will start from next month, and hopefully they will hit the retail market in a couple of months.

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