Samsung 32nm NAND Chips Having Poor Write Speed Issues

Samsung, the world’s largest producer of NAND flash Chips, of late has been facing poor write speed issues with their 32nm NAND Chips. They recently shifted to 32nm manufacturing process for their NAND flash Chips. The problem is so serious that most of the SSD manufacturers have started sourcing NAND chips from other NAND memory manufacturers. Samsung has been working hard to solve the problem but have been unable to do anything till

Toshiba, another manufacturer of NAND flash chips, also shifted to 32nm manufacturing process earlier this year and even they faced some transition problems but unlike Samsung, Toshiba were quick to solve their problems. Even Samsung did not expect the poor write speed issue to last for so long. When a manufacturer shifts to a better and smaller fabrication process, it will face many manufacturing issues but sooner or later the benefits of a smaller fabrication process will start showing up which includes a reduction in the total cost of production along with better yields. The poor write speed issue faced by Samsung basically rules out any hopes of a price cut on the SSDs before the Holiday Season begins in the U.S.

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