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Wifi router is something which now most of the people own. Wi-fi Router has become more of a necessity now. Well If you recently got a Wifi router and have no idea about the various wifi terms I would suggest you to read WiFi Demystified Part I and Part II posted on ourWRT54GL parent blog, Now if you have got the basics cleared and are confident enough to take the risk of flashing a Open Source firmware on your Wifi router since it voids the warranty, we shall move on. if you own a popular router from Linksys/Cisco, Buffalo, D-Link or Netgear, chances are you can run an Open Source Firmware on your Wifi router which will give you extra control on your wifi router, add new features, extend it range etcetera. 

These Open Source firmware are available in different “tastes”. The most popular ones being the Tomato Firmware and the DD-WRT Firmware. You can check whether your router supports DD-WRT Firmware or Tomato Firmware from here and here. Chances are you will be covered. I will soon write a guide on how to flash an Open Source firmware on your Wifi router soon.

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    A few days ago I had told you guys about running OpenSource firmware on your Wi-Fi router. Here are the steps you should follow to flash DD-WRT Linux Firmware on your Wi-fi router. Please keep in mind that here I am using a Linksys WRT-54G2 Wifi router which is completely compatible with DD-WRT firmware. Before proceeding with the steps please make sure that your Wi-Fi router is completely compatible with the DD-WRT firmware from here. I would also like to notify my dear readers that they should follow the steps as I have said and if by chance they brick their Wi-fi router I should not be held responsible for it.

    Step 1: Set your PC static IP to and Subnet Mask to

    Step 2: Install Linksys tftp. You can download it from befsx41_Tftp.

    Step 3: Disable your Anti virus and Firewall even the inbuilt Windows Firewall.

    Step 4: Reset your router and plug in the ethernet (LAN) cable at the back of the Router in any of the provided slot except for the ‘Internet’ port.

    Step 5: Start the Linksys Tftp utility and set the Server IP to Then set the password to admin or you may leave it blank. Try either of them, if one fails, try the other one.

    Step 6: The first file you need to flash is the VxWorksPrep-G2V1.bin file.

    Step 7: It will take some time for the flashing to complete, after its complete, your router should reboot, if it does not then do a manual reboot. Wait for atleast 2-3mins before doing a manual reboot.

    Step 8: Again start the Linksys tftp.exe utility and now flash the VxWorksKiller-G2V1.bin. After flashing the file, again wait for 2-3mins for the router to reboot on its own and if it does not, do a manual reboot.

    Step 9: Now flash the latest DD-WRT firmware available for your model. After the flashing is done, wait for atleast 4minutes so that the router sets itself up and reboots atleast twice. If the router does not reboot automatically, do a manual reboot.

    Step 10: After that hard reset the router. Now go to via your browser and setup your new powerful Wifi router. Don’t forget to change back the static IP of your PC back to default.

    After this if you ever need to upgrade to the latest DD-WRT firmware, you can use the web interface to do so.

    To download the latest DD-WRT firmware for your model, please check If you face any other problem, please feel free to ask here and I would be happy to help.

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