Run Open Source Firmware On Your Wi-Fi Router

Wifi router is something which now most of the people own. Wi-fi Router has become more of a necessity now. Well If you recently got a Wifi router and have no idea about the various wifi terms I would suggest you to read WiFi Demystified Part I and Part II posted on ourWRT54GL parent blog, Now if you have got the basics cleared and are confident enough to take the risk of flashing a Open Source firmware on your Wifi router since it voids the warranty, we shall move on. if you own a popular router from Linksys/Cisco, Buffalo, D-Link or Netgear, chances are you can run an Open Source Firmware on your Wifi router which will give you extra control on your wifi router, add new features, extend it range etcetera. 

These Open Source firmware are available in different “tastes”. The most popular ones being the Tomato Firmware and the DD-WRT Firmware. You can check whether your router supports DD-WRT Firmware or Tomato Firmware from here and here. Chances are you will be covered. I will soon write a guide on how to flash an Open Source firmware on your Wifi router soon.

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Rajesh Pandey

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