Rumor: Apple May Use AMD Processors In Its Line-up

After Apple made the move to x86 processors in 2006, Intel has been their lone CPU supplier. The shift to Intel processors was appreciated by many as it brought faster performance across the whole line-up. Thanks to the shift to the Intel processors, Apple now refreshes its various product line-up every year with better CPUs. But now it seems like Apple is interested in using AMD processors in its products as well. AppleInsider reports that Apple is in serious discussions with various representatives from AMD about adopting their CPUs. reports that many of the representatives from AMD, have had some serious discussions with some high officials from Apple. Until now, the only possible way to run Mac OS on an AMD processor is Hackintosh. Even though illegal, Hackintosh is quite popular among the modding community. It is believed that Apple is interested in AMD because of their Fusion technology. AMD Fusion technology combines the processor with up to 4 cores and a Dx11 based IGP in a single package. AMD has said that the first AMD Fusion based processors will be launched in 2011.
The site reports that Apple has even started using AMD processors in its lab. If the talks between AMD and Apple are successful, then we can see Apple using AMD processors in the lower range of its product line-up. The use of Intel processors in Apple’s line-up will be restricted to its higher end product only.

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