Preorder PSP Go for $212 and Free Shipping [Gadget Deals]

Looks like it is already a great month for Gamers what with Nintendo dropping the price of Wii to $199, PS3 Slim being made available for $299 and Microsoft Xbox dropping price to $299.


But what if you want to play games on the go? What better device than the PSP for that. For all you PSP fans, Sony will be releasing the newer version of the device called PSP Go on October 1st, which will retail at $249.

If you are looking to get a good deal on the PSP Go, you can pre-order the black version for $212 from Dell Business. Once you add the item to card use the coupon code 6FWJ247J1P44CKto avail a discount of $37.50.

Please note that the PSP Go will start shipping on October 1st 2009. Happy Gaming.

Buy PSP Go [via Slick Deals]

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