PSP Go launched

Technically, though, not yet. But in a minute, it will be the first of October, and all of your prayers for the snazzy new PSP system would have been answered. This Bluetooth-loving, slider form-factor toting, smaller, slimmer PlayStation Portable is available at Amazon, and as I am sure you must have read all about it everywhere on the internet.PSP Go

However, there might be some things that you might not know something many online PSP Go digests miss, while they harp on about the digital distribution and why the UMD-less PSP may/may not be a hit. So, without further ado, here are the main new features of the PSP Go.

The first thing that struck me was the ability to return to the XMB while running a game by pressing the PS (Home) button: multitasking! (…almost) Just pause the game, press the PS button, go to the XMB, look at a few pictures and/or listen to some music and come back to the game in a flash!

Secondly, the all important new wireless radio Bluetooth makes its entry in this console. No more wired headphones snazzy wireless ones are what you would be sporting (if you had said snazzy wireless headphones, that is!). Again, since the DualShock 3 controller is wireless ready, you can technically pair it up and use it with the PSP Go. Resistance: Retribution multiplayer, here I come! Speculations are also abound that tell us that you can pair your PSP Go with a cellphone via Bluetooth to access the internet from the phone’s connection true wireless freedom.

That’s that. The Sony PSP Go is available for $249.99 $248.99 from Amazon, while Dell Business stocks it with a discount of $37.50

Oh, and did I tell you that it was thinner, lighter, had inbuilt 16GB flash memory, expandable memory slot for a Memory Stick Micro and was digital distribution only?

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