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The internet is all abuzz with Sony’s upgraded PlayStation 3 console, called the “Slim”. Not unlike the PlayStation Portable Slim modification, the PS3 Slim also features a slew of external hardware modifications (and some internal ones as well) that make it a slimmer, cleaner model than its fatbrother. However, the price is what people are excited about at $299 for a 120GB version, the console is cheaper than its current iteration’s 120GB model, while delivering the same PS3 gaming package. Here are the details of this great gaming console.

PS3 SlimAvailability: September 1 in the US. The existing 80GB model has dropped its price to $300 the same as the new PS3 Slim’s release price. Expect great deals from online resellers as they give away free games with the new model for high sales figures.

Hardware: There are two USB ports instead of four, and there are no media card readers present. There is no on-off switch behind the console which is indeed slimmer and sleeker than the original. You can upgrade the hard drives or install your own SATA hard drives (which is more easier in this version as there only two screws to remove and plug in your SATA disk). You can also sync your PS3 Slim to your Sony Bravia TV, and control the Xcross Media Bar (XMB) with the Bravia remote.

Internally, the Cell processor from IBM and Toshiba has undergone a change from 65nm to 45nm process, delivering the same (or more as yet unknown) power while consuming lesser power and being quieter. Speculation deems that the PS3 Slim will be faster than the original at least where loading times and slight framerates are concerned.

Software: Sony will release the 3.x Firmware update the same day the PS3 Slim goes on sale so you will need to update it out of the box. For Open Source lovers, there is big problem Sony removed support for other OSs. This means that you cannot install your beloved Linux flavor on this console.

Bottomline: Did I tell you it plays the same old PS3 games with Wifi, PSN, PlayStation Home and all the other goodies? It does! Well, it’s the same old console in a nicer package and a cheaper price. I’d say go for it!

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