PowerColor ATI HD5970 Comes With 12 Mini DisplayPorts!

The ATI HD5970 is already a monster of a graphics card. The card features 2 cores of ATI HD5870, and has 3200 stream processors along with 160 texture units. The card alsoPowerColor two-chip radeon HD 5970 01 supports ATI EyeFinity and has 3 Mini DisplayPorts. Users can connect up to three displays and combine them to use make it one large monitor. Well now it seems PowerColor is going to release a modified version of the HD5970 with twelve Mini-DisplayPorts.

Twelve Mini-DisplayPorts will allow users to connect up to 12 monitors to a single graphics card! The graphics memory has also been increased to 4GB. The power consumption of this card is surely going to be high, so users must make sure that they have a beefy PSU.

PowerColor intends to give the users a public demo of this monster at the upcoming Computex in June. Earlier, Powercolor had also released a modified version of the ATI HD5770 with five mini-DisplayPorts.

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  • The graphics card looks really great. I would like to see the demo of this card. But, I don't think buying it would be a good option. Looking at it's features, we can say that the graphic card will surely be priced too high. And another problem is the power consumption. With such high graphics, it will also take too much power! So, buying it would be a really bad option.

  • 12 Monitors working as one! Hmmmmmmm…..the mind boggles! What sort of resolution are we looking at? Imagine 12 monitors with really thin screen surrounds hooked up to make one big display. The stuff of rock concerts from a few years ago is right within your reach.