Play Computer Games by Blinking your Eyes


Some students from Imperial College London have developed an open source game named Pong. In this game, you have to blink your eyes when you think it is appropriate to hit.

According to the students,

This revolutionary game could allow people with severe physical disabilities to become ‘gamers’ for the first time.

To play the game, the player needs to wear special glasses containing infrared light and webcam. This helps in recording eye movements. The webcam is connected to a computer where synchronization is carried out between player’s eye movement and the game.

According to the team’s supervisor from the Department of Bioengineering ICL,

The game that they’ve developed is quite simple, but we think it has enormous potential, particularly because it doesn’t need lots of expensive equipment… We hope it could ultimately provide entertainment options for people who have very little movement. In future, people might be able to blink to turn pages in an electronic book, or switch on their favorite song, with the roll of an eye

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