Blackberry Tablet to Run QNX OS, Not Blackberry OS 6

Blackberry TabletWhen rumors of the upcoming Blackberry tablet — the BlackPad surfaced, everyone assumed that it would run on a version of the new Blackberry OS 6.0, which powers the latest range of Blackberry phones.

However, Bloomberg and many sources are now reporting that Research in Motion may be planning to use an altogether new tablet OS for the BlackPad, not the Blackberry 6 OS.

In April 2010, RIM acquired QNX Software Systems for about $200 million. QNX creates operating systems for embedded systems which run on multiple architectures like ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH and x86. There are many software developers that already develop software for QNX.

Experts say that it may be much faster and simpler to use the QNX OS for the BlackPad, than use the Blackberry 6 OS which still includes legacy code from the older OS versions.

The BlackPad will offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also connect to your Blackberry via Bluetooth and browse the web using its 3G data connection. It is expected to have a 9.7 inch display and will be priced at around $499. Check out our earlier post for more details on the Blackberry Tablet.

Source: Bloomberg

Toshiba to launch Android Tablet in September

Toshiba Android TabletAndroid is definitely having a field day; after Samsung, Asus, Motorola, Lenovo and many others, details have leaked out today about a new Android tablet by Toshiba.

Digitimes has reported Toshiba will be launching its Android powered tablet in September or October 2010. It will be a 10 inch tablet powered by Android 2.2 and will have a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. No other details about the Toshiba Android tablet were revealed.

The September – October timeframe is going to be packed with tablet launches from many manufacturers. We will see many new Android tablet launches. Even Verizon is planning to launch a Chrome OS tablet in November. The tablet explosion is just about to begin.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Details Surface

Microsoft still has not made the Arc Touch Mouse official, but a German online shopping site Winfuture erroneously posted details and pictures of the upcoming mouse. The Arc Touch mouse from Microsoft has a veryMicrosoft Arc Touch mouse unique design which makes it very comfortable to hold (at least it looks like so!). The mouse also features touch scrolling, along with a LED light for indicating the battery status of the device.

The Arc mouse has the ability to track on nearly any surface, and features a 2.4GHz nano transceiver. Rumors suggest that the mouse will cost $69.95. If this is correct, then the Arc Touch mouse is just a shade more costly than Apple’s Magic Mouse or the Magic Trackpad.

Notebooksbilliger suggest that the shipping period of the device is 5-10 business days. I guess Microsoft is going to officially announce this device within a week from now.

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Google Chrome OS Tablet Launching on Verizon on November 26

Apparently, Google is planning to launch a Chrome OS tablet on Verizon’s network on November 26 which is Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.

Download Squad says that HTC is currently building the tablet for Google and Verizon and it will be priced much lower than the iPad. It will be available with Verizon on contract.

Google Chrome OS Tablet

It will have some really good hardware under the boot. It will have Nvidia’s Tegra 2 platform powering it and will likely sport a 10.1 inch multitouch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It will have 2 GB RAM and a 32 GB internal SSD. It will offer a webcam and GPS and will also offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity.

The rumor actually makes sense as Black Friday would probably be the best day to launch a new product. The specs seem realistic and fit in line with all the other tablet releases. Now we know why Google was so eager to comply with Verizon on the Net Neutrality proposal.

While Android based tablets will compete with the iPad, Chrome OS will probably compete with Windows 7 tablets.

Source: Download Squad

Rumor: Apple to Launch 7 inch iPad

Amidst all the recent tablet launch rumors, there comes a new one. A Taiwanese newspaper has reported that Apple has begun to assemble components for a new 7 inch iPad in Taiwan.

The iPad 2 will have a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen display with IPS technology and a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. It will probably be using a Cortex A9 processor and will have 512 MB RAM (double that of the iPad).

It will also be lighter than the iPad, and should weigh around 500 gms.

None of these rumors are substantiated but according to most experts, we should be seeing a new iPad pretty soon.

The tablet space is seeing a lot of action. Samsung, Asus and MSI and Notion Ink, all are planning their own tablets. Most of them will be cheaper than the iPad and will run either Android or Windows 7.  

Apple iPad 2

Source: UDN | Engadget

MSI WindPad 100 Pictured

MSI had earlier showcased its Windows 7 tablet, the WindPad 100 in Computex 2010. It was one of the first tablets which could run Windows 7 in its full glory and had some netbookish hardware specifications.

Here are some of the official shots of the MSI WindPad 100.

MSI WindPad 100

MSI WindPad 100

MSI WindPad 100

The MSI WindPad 100 will sport a 10.1 inch touchscreen display and will be powered by a Intel Atom Z530 processor. It has 2 GB RAM and a 32 GB internal SSD. It will run Windows 7.

It also comes with a dock which will have 2 USB 2.0 slots, audio jack and will offer LAN, VGA and HDMI out.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, it will probably be launched after IFA 2010 which will be hosted from September 3. It will probably be launched around the $499 price point. Even Asus recently announced that it will price the Android EEE Pad below $399.

Image Credit: NetbookNews

Asus To Launch Android Based EEE Pad in March 2011; Prices it Below $399

Asus had announced two new tablets in Computex 2010 — the EEE Pad EP101TC and the EP121. It recently announced that it would be shipping the 10.1 inch EP101TC with Android 2.2 Froyo.

Today, Jerry Shen, CEO of Asustek announced that the Android based EP101TC will be priced below $399. It will be the third EEE Pad release.

Asus Android Tablet EEE Pad EP101TC

The first, he said, will launch in December 2010 — the EEE Pad EP121, a 12 inch tablet which will run Windows 7 Home Premium and will be powered by a Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processor. It will be priced at around $1000. It will come with a docking station which will transform it into a laptop.

The second EEE Pad will be a 10 inch tablet which will run Windows Embedded Compact 7. It will be priced in the $399 – $499 range.

Detailed specifications of any tablet aren’t available yet.

The tablet space is surely heating up. Even the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Notion Ink Adam are set to launch in that time frame. We should soon see a deluge of iPad alternatives.

via PC World

Axon Logic Haptic Tablet Unveiled; Runs Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

Axon Logic has unveiled the new Haptic, a 10.1 inch tablet which can run any Darwin based OS — which includes the Mac OS X and some open source OSes like OpenDarwin and PureDarwin. It can also run Windows and Linux and has some decent hardware specs.

Axon Logic Haptic Specifications

1.6 GHz Atom N270
10.1 inch LED backlit LCD display, 1024 x 600 pixels
Resistive touchscreen with stylus
320 GB HDD
1.3 MP webcam
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
3G CDMA SIM slot
Built in Speakers
3 USB slots, Mic, Ethernet, VGA ports, Card reader
3000 mAh removable battery

Axon Logic Haptic Tablet
The specifications are very similar to the current breed of netbooks; except that the Haptic has a touchscreen display and no keyboard.

Also, the Axon Haptic is priced quite high, at about $800 which makes me doubt whether it will find many takers. I, myself, would rather buy the iPad, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Notion Ink Adam, all of which are priced much lower.

Head over to the official webpage of Axon Logic for more details. ¬†Also check out Crunchgear’s post for more details.

Indian $35 Tablet/Laptop Specifications and Video

India has seen its fair share of based tablets in the form of OlivePad 3G Android Tablet in the past, however, the news these days is around the $35 tablet/laptop that the Indian Government has unveiled.

Indian 35$ Tablet based On Android OS

The ambitious touchscreen tablet which runs on Android OS also has a camera and 2GB or RAM. It also contains several ports including USB port, Mini SD card slot along with a SIM card slot for 3G access. The device is both Wi-Fi and 3G  enabled, so you can easily use it on the go.

The 7" and 9" Android based laptop can also be run on solar power besides the batter operated system. It has also got an virtual keyboard and a stylus for more touch screen comfort. It also has a eBook reader.

Indian HRD minister Kapil Sibal has promised that the gadget will be made available exclusively for Indian students for a price of Rs. 1,500. The minister has also promised that million of units of the $35 laptop/tablet will be produced soon. There was no fixed date as to when it would be unveiled in the retail market.

Here is an hands-on video of the Indian $35 tablet/laptop and interview with the HRD minister Kapil Sibal whose dream and vision was used in creating the device.

What do you think about the $35 laptop? Would you purchase it when it released in the Indian retail market, or would you rather go and buy a high end laptop from other popular manufactures. After all you hardly get any par Rs. 1,500 devices these days.

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T-Mobile Releases Q2 Results, Lost 93,000 Customers in Last Quarter

T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile just released its quarterly results and things are not looking very good for them based on the Q2 data. They have reported revenues of $4.70 billion, up from $4.63 billion in Q1. The operating income is also $1.42 billion, up from $1.39 billion in Q1.

However, they have also lost around 93,000 subscribers in Q2, which is much higher than the 77,000 they lost in Q1. Customers are shifting to AT&T and Verizon’s network as they offer much better phone options. With the launch of the Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) on T Mobile’s network, the subscriber attrition rate is expected to reduce in the next quarter.

T-Mobile USA now serves about 33.6 million customers; but the number just keeps reducing every quarter. One way they can retain many of their customers and even add some more is by snagging a deal with Apple for the iPhone 4 on their network.