Our Kickstarter Pick: Dart aims to be the world’s smallest laptop adapter

While laptops evolved for the need of portable PCs, the ultrabooks and convertibles have taken portability to the next level. Of course, you still have to carry the power adapter when you head out for work or are travelling. What you lug around is a power adapter with a hefty brick and a long cable that is anything but compact. dart

Dart from FINsix aims to fix that and aims to be the world’s smallest and lightest laptop adapter. The pocket-able adapter would complement the thin, lightweight, portable laptops in the market today. FINsix was founded by a team of MIT graduate students with the goal of using their technology to radically shrink the bulky chargers for all electronics.

At 60gms in weight, it is six times lighter than today’s 65W adapters and measures just 2.5 cubic inches. There’s no bulky brick along its flexible cable, and it includes a 2.1A USB port on the end which you can use to charge your smartphone or tablet. Essentially, it resembles an iPhone charger, not in design but in form. Dart has an attractive design with brushed aluminum and for the Kickstarter campaign, it will be available in Blue, Magenta, Silver, Gunmetal, and Orange.

The device is built with a US plug, but it’ll work with different voltages and frequencies around the world. Dart is designed to work with all major laptop brands and a majority of today’s laptops. It works with laptops that have a voltage of 18 – 21V AND a power level of ≤65 watts.

The Dart is not compatible with laptops that require ≥65 watts. The standard Dart is NOT MacBook compatible, although the company is creating limited units specific for MacBooks. Also, the Dart is not compatible with devices like the Microsoft Surface or the Google Chromebook Pixel since they require 12V DC, although the company is considering a 12V Dart for future.

FINsix | Dart on Kickstarter

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